A little bit more about Artistic Alchemy...

Education, Training, and Experience

Artistic Alchemy founder and lead creative, Bart Willard is graduate of Huntington University with BA in Graphic Design. A strong fine arts foundation and knowledge of good art & design were acquired during my time at HU but my animation, 3D modeling, and visual FX skills are self-taught.

Sometime around the Spring of 2010, Bart had the opportunity to work on his first film, "The Sound of The Spirit". The experience brought together some wonderful individuals. During that project, he met the producer, Guy Camara of Kingdom Pictures who encouraged Bart to pursue his dream of working in film, as a calling given to him by God. Artistic Alchemy is the culmination of Bart's education and experience and an expression of his desire to work in cinema, to make movies, and share the truth of The Bible and the God who gave it to us.

Themes, Genres, and Styles

Our work here, at Artistic Alchemy, tends to be a peculiar combination of sci-fi, fantasy, with steampunk, dieselpunk and  industrial aesthetics. The sci-fi part is best described as grimy retro-futurism, the fantasy part as techno-anachronism. Ours is a slightly dark style with a splash of light and color... cinematic, dramatic, geeky and fun... not easy to categorize... it's "know it when you see it" kind of work. Our particular visual style, combined with the genres of sci-fi/fantasy, lends itself to communicating the transcendent yet, practical truths of scripture in what we hope is a unique and original way.

Can you hire US?

Yes... with some caveats.


Let's cut to the chase... simply and perhaps bluntly, our work isn't cheap. If you're looking for a budget wedding video or a cut rate logo animation, we're going to respectfully have to decline. You can ask us to do something at a discount or even for free... but unless you're a close friend or relative, you probably won't like our answer. If the cause and purpose is of eternal value, we'd like to speak to you about your project. Having said that, yes... you can hire us and all of the resources Artistic Alchemy has at it's disposal.

If you still want to work with us, contact us by email (see that info at the bottom of this page), or better yet, follow us on social media and we'll get back with you as soon as possible.

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