A little bit more about me, my services and some things that might be helpful for you to know to help you determine if I'm the right fit for your project or commission.

Education & Training

I'm a graduate of Huntington University with BA in Graphic Design. A strong fine arts foundation and knowledge of good art & design were acquired during my time at HU but my animation, 3D modeling, and visual FX skills are self-taught.

Themes, Genres, and Styles

My work tends to be a peculiar combination of sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, dieselpunk, and industrial genres. Mine is a slightly dark style with a splash of light and color... cinematic, dramatic, geeky and fun... difficult to categorize, it's "know it when you see it" kind of work. I'll do just about anything for anyone (except for vulgar, pornographic, and sexually explicit or suggestive work) but my love is for unique genres and themes used in just about any form... graphics, illustration, animation, conceptual art & visualization, props, costumes and scenery, and even decorative fine art pieces.

Commissions, licensing and pricing

And now the more complicated and least favorite part of what I do... explaining pricing and how to go about hiring me... not because I don't like to work and earn a living but because art is something everyone appreciates but isn't necessarily ready to pay for. To put it simply and perhaps bluntly, my art isn't cheap. If you're looking for a $20 portrait of your cat, don't hire me. You can ask me to do something at a discount or even for free... but unless you're a close friend or relative, you probably won't like my answer. Having said that, here's a basic breakdown of my rates.

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