Artistic Alchemy is going someplace new! I'm pleased to announce that I, along with my friends and associates, through Artistic Alchemy, are currently in pre-production of my first film, a short film entitled "That Which Remains", a faith based Steampunk/Dieselpunk Sci-Fi/Fantasy. This marks a major change in direction for Artistic Alchemy as we are now shifting our focus to producing film and dynamic faith based media.

We have finished the shooting and editing of the trailer and are now awaiting the completion of original music for it. Look for it to drop some time at the start of December.

We are seeking partners to help us reach our goal of producing what we hope to be a unique film. Our desire is to make a Biblically based narrative that breaks the stereotypes of what Christian film is, captures the imagination, and inspires us to go higher, deeper, and further into this faith to which we hold.

To learn more about the project, stay updated, and perhaps decide how you might want to come along side us, please visit these links below.

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I am truly excited to see what God wants to do in us and through us!

Sincerely and in one faith,

My name is Bart Willard. I'm owner, proprietor, and lead creative at Artistic Alchemy. I'm an artist, designer, animator, tinkerer and all around creative guy with over 25 years of experience in the arts. Artistic Alchemy is the culmination of those years, of my passion for the creative arts & sciences, and of my faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Film & Video Production

  • Visual & Digital FX

  • Motion Graphics & Animation

  • Concept Art

  • Faith Based Media

Please have a look around and feel free to ask a questions or two.

Let your imagination soar, dream big, and be inspired!

A selection of various examples of our other work...

Alley Cats Animation

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SignWorks/WrapWorks Animation

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Artistic Alchemy Associates


The production studio of my friend and mentor, Guy Camara...

Producer, Director, Creative Development Expert.

Motivator/Encourager/Visionary (my words, not his). I'm thankful for his guidance, expertise, and enduring friendship.

Filmmaker and Cinematographer, Eric Filson...

DP (Director of Photography), Drone Pilot, Artist and Expert Technician. Eric is great at taking ones vision and translating it to the screen. I'm better at what I do because he's great at what he does.


The creative studios of my friend and associate, Derek Tow.

The South 40 Media - Versatile content creation... big screen, small screen, web, animation, live events, streaming.

The Box - Media Production Space... a black box stage specifically tailored to the needs of artists, musicians, and content creators.

Derek has been one of my biggest fans and supporters, providing work opportunities, networking, and resources.


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